How I Won My PayPal Dispute


I am writing this to try to help you sellers out there that run into customers that try to screw you over after you provide a service or sell digital goods. I sold someone a program that everyone but him was having success with. He basically wanted me to modify the program to fit his needs but wasn’t willing to pay for it. When I refused, he disputed the purchase and use the argument “Product as as described” and “Damaged , Incomplete”. I responded to PayPal with my argument. After a few days of review, PayPal decided in my favor. These are the tools I used to help my case.

  • Add a TOS to your site
  • Keep logs of your conversation with your client(s).
  • Invoice all your sales (Although I didn’t use invoice in this case)
  • Communicate to the disputer through PayPal’s dispute area.

Through the chat logs (Skype) I was able to show that he was happy when he received the product but complained to me about his accounts getting “Banned”. He wanted me to edit the program and make it work for other reasons it was designed for and tried to say the program was broken for his argument. So my advice, no matter how mad you are, do not block a person until the dispute is over. Do not argue back and forth. Make sure you also message the client in the PayPal dispute area. Contact PayPal by phone and further explain your case. After doing all of this, PayPal decided in my favor.

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