Is ‘The Five Eyes Alliance’ Conspiring to Spy on You?


As most of us coast across the web, we are ignorant to the fact that the United State is in collusion with other countries to spy on you. Most of us do know that we are being spied on in our respective countries, but a partnership in spying? For over a year now this has been a reality. Five countries are united together to spy on their citizens. You may be one of those people that say, “Why should I care, I have nothing to hide, I do nothing wrong” well, this is an obtuse way of thinking. Let me give you an example, lets say you are talking to someone over social media about, lets say, shoes. In your conversation, you use the word ‘Bomb’ as colloquialism used in urban areas to denote something good, example: “Yo, those new shoes you got are the bomb!” that work there gets flagged in their eavesdropping software. Not you have eyes on your, since the government is eager to find anyone linked to terrorism, you may get raided just for talking about shoes. Something to think about. You can read more about Five eyes here Read More

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